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The World’s Highest-Paid Soccer Players 2022

The World’s Highest-Paid Soccer Players 2022

By daniele

The 10 highest-paid footballers on the planet in 2022, who represent teams like Manchester United, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, and Liverpool, are making enormous sums of money from both sponsorship deals and salaries.

Footballers’ pay at the highest level of the game has increased dramatically in recent years, particularly since large multinationals, oligarchs, and oil nations became club owners.

The popularity of the game has also allowed players to negotiate lucrative endorsement contracts, some of which can pay players almost as much as their salary.($22 million salary, $5.5 million in sponsorships) Antoine Griezmann

Griezmann is currently in a peculiar circumstance

As part of the agreement to take him back on loan from Barcelona, Atletico agreed to pay €40 million to sign him permanently if he appeared in more than half of the club’s matches throughout the entire two-year loan period. Following the rule, playing a game means engaging in it for 45 minutes or longer.

Kevin De Bruyne makes $29 million ($25.5 million in salary and $3.5 million in endorsements).

It would be strange if De Bruyne weren’t in this top 10, considering he has most likely been the best player in the most profitable league in the world for the past five seasons and plays for a team owned by the Abu Dhabi Royal Family.

Raheem Sterling earns a total of $29.4 million ($21.4 million in salary and $8 million in sponsorships).

Sterling’s marketability puts him ahead of De Bruyne in this situation even if he didn’t make as much money as the Belgian at Man City and currently doesn’t at Chelsea.

$30m ($23m, $7m in sponsorships) Andres Iniesta

This one surprised us somewhat. However, in Japan, the tiny guy is king.


Iniesta, a former star for Barcelona, has been playing for Vissel Jobe since 2018. In 2021, he signed a new contract that will keep him with the team through 2023. It is hardly surprising that he chose to remain given the offered compensation.

Eden Hazard earns $31.1m ($28.6m in salary and $2.5m in sponsorships).

Mohamed Salah makes $39.5m ($24.5m in salary and $15m in endorsements).

Salah signed a new, three-year, £350,000-per-week contract with Liverpool in August 2022, converting his reputation as one of the world’s most proficient strikers into actual income.

($56 million salary, $35 million in sponsorships) Neymar

We’ve now reached the top four football players in the world, whose wealth places them among the wealthiest sportsmen in all of the sports and sets them apart from the rest of the league.