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The 10 most popular celebrities on Facebook

The 10 most popular celebrities on Facebook

By israelipanda

Since its establishing quite a while back, Facebook (FB) has turned into a source for interfacing, systems administration and sharing fascinating substance.

As the biggest informal community, the stage flaunts 1.39 billion month to month dynamic clients, a significant number of whom incorporate large name VIPs. In any case, who accepts the crown as the most-well known client?

Here is a breakdown of the most-preferred individuals on Facebook, as per web-based entertainment following firm Fan Page List, counting down from number 10.

  1. Justin Bieber – 72,724,746 preferences

Among the a great many “Justin, I love you” and “Justin, I can’t stand you” posts, Justin Bieber’s Facebook page is generally populated with selfies and screen gets of his magazine covers. His web-based entertainment presence is, be that as it may, outperformed by his ledger. With a detailed total assets of $200 million, the pop star has sold in excess of 25 million collections universally, as per Celebrity Net Worth.

  1. Bounce Marley – 73,513,881 preferences

Weave Marley’s Facebook page is a source for persuasive statements and a stroll through a world of fond memories. Indeed, even 34 years after his demise, the posts on the entertainer’s page get huge number of “preferences” and remarks from fans.

  1. Will Smith – 73,691,492 preferences

“West Philadelphia, brought up,” Will Smith has an incredible total assets of $220 million. Notwithstanding his monstrous virtual entertainment following, the entertainer and rapper has been designated for four Golden Globe Awards and two Academy Awards.

  1. Michael Jackson – 75,300,478 preferences

Almost six years after his demise, Michael Jackson actually defeats a portion of music’s greatest names with regards to supporters. His Facebook page generally comprises of #MJTrivia and photographs from his magnificence days. In October, he beat Forbes’ rundown of the greatest acquiring dead superstars.

  1. Lionel Messi – 77,881,494 preferences

Lionel Messi is 6th on the most-followed rundown, and he’s likewise among the richest soccer players on the planet. Messi, who plays for Argentina and FC Barcelona, has a total assets of roughly $180 million and a yearly base compensation of almost $45 million. He likewise pulls in about $20 million to $30 million in supports every year.

  1. Rihanna – 81,549,344 preferences

Whether she’s singing, acting or capitalizing on supports, Rihanna’s Facebook page makes certain to keep fans enlightened. The entertainer, whose domain merits an expected $140 million, is likewise the organizer behind The Believe Foundation, an association that helps critically ill kids.

  1. Eminem – 91,991,971 preferences

Eminem is no more bizarre to social acknowledgment. Throughout the long term he’s had 12 No. As a rapper, maker and entertainer, Eminem has a total assets of $190 million. Will the genuine Slim Shady if it’s not too much trouble, stand up?

  1. Vin Diesel – 93,172,315 preferences

Vin Diesel’s popular record is a gathering of rousing goodies matched with (frequently shirtless) fabulousness shots that give a somewhat private view into his life. Most popular for his parts in “Saving Private Ryan,” “The Chronicles of Riddick” and the “Quick and the Furious” establishment, Vin Diesel’s total assets is around $75 million.

  1. Shakira – 100,732,587 preferences

With abilities including artist, lyricist and midsection artist, Shakira has constructed herself a remarkable fan base-with the web-based entertainment following to demonstrate it. With a total assets of $220 million, she’s been selected for a Golden Globe Award and two Grammy Awards, as indicated by IMDb. She’s likewise an individual from President Barack Obama’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics, a UNICEF representative and the organizer behind the Barefoot Foundation, an association helping devastated youngsters.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo – 103,576,615 preferences

How enormous is Ronaldo’s Facebook following? Large enough that he can ask what clothing he ought to put on and have in excess of 28,000 clients answer. Not exclusively is the popular Portuguese and Real Madrid soccer player No. 1 on the most-followed list, however he is likewise the second-most extravagant soccer player on the planet (after David Beckham) with a total assets of $250 million and a yearly compensation of $45 million.