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Mohamed Salah Is Nominated for the Best Athlete Award in Britain

Mohamed Salah Is Nominated for the Best Athlete Award in Britain

By daniele

Mo Salah, Mo Salah, running down the wing! Salalalaah, the Egyptian King!

Kopites at Anfield celebrate Egyptian striker Mohamed Salah’s prowess on the field when they sing this catchy anthem. Mo Salah joined Liverpool F.C. in 2017 and quickly became a record-breaking striker and one of the best players in the English Premier League. 

Salah hails from the small village of Nagrig in the Gharbia District and is very fond of his heritage. In addition to celebrating one of the best footballers of this decade, let’s understand the influence of Mo Salah in Egypt and the Arab countries. We could all learn something from this gifted and humble athlete!

Role Model for the Egyptian and Arab People

The Egyptian and Arab people place skill and honor above everything else. As such, they take great pride in their fellow compatriots who go on to become pioneers in their fields, especially those who take up work abroad. Mohamed Salah is part of those pioneers who make MENA’s people so proud of him.

More specifically, the influence of Mo Salah in Egypt is phenomenal. Talking about the athlete is integral to several lessons in Egypt’s Ministry of Education curriculum! And if that isn’t enough, he’s gone on to star in TV commercials to reduce drug abuse and fight addiction. 

Because the Egyptian and Arab people see him as their role model, these endeavors have borne fruit. Whether it’s because of Mo Salah’s humble nature or a solid adherence to his religion, people flock to him, seeing him as their inspiration. 

Additionally, Salah constantly interacts with his fanbase via social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The reciprocal relationship has been beneficial for both Mo Salah and his fans. While his fans love and support him, he continues to inspire them and generously gives back to his community. This mutually beneficial cycle has made him one of the most celebrated figures in Egypt and the Arab regions.

Philanthropic Efforts

People worship Salah and pay attention to his messages, whether through commercials or his actions in his public and private life. Coming from humble beginnings, the Egyptian footballer generously gives back to his community.

While you might not see him flaunting his cars and property, you will definitely see and hear about his philanthropic endeavors. Salah has maintained strong ties with his friends and family back home. He donated $450,000 to buy land for a sewage treatment project near his village in 2018 and was dubbed the “son of all Egyptians” for this gesture.

Similarly, he donated $269,000 in 2017 to the Long Live Egypt Fund. The fund was established to support development efforts in Egypt following the 2011 uprising. 

Furthermore, he regularly gives back to his community by helping restore schools and building hospitals. Salah supports all kinds of development projects in Egypt, especially youth centers and educational institutions, to help the young generation prosper.

Consequently, this generosity and humbleness make Mohamed Salah a celebrated individual in Egypt and the Arab regions. While the youth also love him for his athletic prowess, even people who are not fans of the sport admire the professional player for his gratuitous and altruistic attributes.


Mohamed Salah’s professional career is decorated with various accolades he collected over several years. His 94th-minute goal, scored from the penalty spot, helped Egypt qualify for the FIFA World Cup 2018 after a long absence.

Mohamed Salah was the Premier League’s top scorer in his first season and helped Liverpool to the UEFA Champions League in 2018. For his efforts, he was awarded the BBC African Player of the Year Award for the 2017/18 season.

Moreover, Salah also won the Golden Boot in the same season, scoring more than 30 goals in a 38-game season. He’s also the historical top scorer for the Egyptian national team and is a huge reason sports betting in the MENA region is growing in popularity!

Finally, he has also been nominated for the best athlete award in Britain for 2022. During his stay at Anfield, Mo Salah has won the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, League Cup, FA Cup, FIFA Club World Cup, and the UEFA Super Cup. If all this doesn’t tell you about the impact of this big-game player, nothing will.

With a new contract in the bag and more years of top performances ahead of him, Salah looks to continue his amazing form on the pitch and off of it as well. We have no doubt that he will continue to give back to his home country and continue to be an inspiration to people around the world.